iCAT Video Analytics


NETAVIS iCAT is the video analytics product line of NETAVIS. It summarises powerful own developments of NETAVIS Software and third party algorithms for special applications. The seamlessly integrated package of video analytics is distributed with every NETAVIS Observer.
It can be activated anytime by license key.

no extra server
no extra software
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  NETAVIS VMS and VCA  sMart

Available with NETAVIS Observer from Basic to Enterprise editions it brings the world of professional video analytics to every video surveillance system ranging from small single-server to
complex and large installations. With many optional iCAT Modules NETAVIS iCAT video analytics proves to be flexible and adaptable to customer needs. Here are some examples, how to
apply NETAVIS iCAT video analytics modules:


03-PerimeterSecurity 400px



Perimeter security allows for the definition of restricted areas, where movements result in alarms to notify of a possible breach of security. An alarm can be triggered according to defined criteria. Moreover, it is also possible to define various iCAT definitions and schedule them. For example, it is possible to have different iCAT definitions for weekdays and weekends.  



Video streams can be analyzed to detect people and count them. This adds business value to existing camera systems by providing additional information which is particularly useful in retail applications.

01-PeopleCounter 400px


04a-NumberPlateRecognition 400px




NETAVIS solutions for number plate recognition in free-flow traffic or for slow and stopped vehicles provide automatic detection of license plates of over 60 countries. They can be combined with motion detection as well as integrated with external systems such as barriers or transponder chip solutions. Additionally, the simple NPR list management enables a broad set of applications, thus vehicle access management becomes remarkably easy. The results can also be used for planning and evaluation of marketing activities.