NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics despite privacy restrictions?

Respecting legal requirements around employees as well as customer privacy is crucial for IP-video installations. All NETAVIS iCAT video analytics modules provide video analytics data without limitations while an optional privacy mask can fully cover the video streams. Furthermore, they can even provide the analytics data without recording at all.


Combining this two features results in having no video streams available on purpose, neither in the archive nor for live viewing. Operators therefore can only receive the raw data output of NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics. 

NETAVIS iCAT Face Detection for example can deliver age group and gender estimation data with or without privacy mask and recording. The same goes for NETAVIS iCAT People Counting, which provides highly accurate, bidirectional customer frequency monitoring.

These features enable NETAVIS installations to serve as frequency meter solution with optical sensors rather than as classical video surveillance solution. Additionally, NETAVIS Software offers a comprehensive set of features to meet data protection requirements such as archive and live stream access according to the 4-eye principle (login e.g. only together with workers’ council), archive encryption and camera-server and server-client connection encryption.

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NETAVIS Observer 4.7 - OUT NOW!

It is a pleasure to announce the latest release of the NETAVIS Platform for Security and Business, NETAVIS Observer 4.7!

The newest software update focuses on comprehensive improvements on the system security and operations level, as well as process support for NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse through direct interfacing. NETAVIS Observer 4.7 furthermore includes a Dynamic Privacy Mask for improved privacy protection of customers and employees, the Automatic Camera Dicovery and Mass Camera Import/Export, an iCAT Video Analytics Feature to detect traffic violations and a new custom event action to set up application-specific events in the rule administration. Scroll down for more details!

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