NETAVIS Observer 4.4.8

With the release of NETAVIS Observer 4.4 the context menu in the Online Monitor was enhanced by two features. One enables users to send PTZ cameras to predefined PTZ positions by selecting from the list at the top of the context menu (right click in view port of activated PTZ control camera, see left screenshot). The other one allows for direct archive access of the particular camera. By selecting the particular option the Archive Player replays the previous 10 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours or 1 week immediately (see screenshot on the right). Both features improve the operator handling in case fast decisions are to be made.

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NETAVIS Software Raid

For systems with two or more hard disks, each NETAVIS Observer standard installation sets up the NETAVIS Software RAID by default. Automatically, all data regarding operating system, application components and database (=system data) are redundantly stored on the first two disks upon installation.

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NETAVIS Observer virtualised at FRITZ EGGER GmbH


The wood-working company EGGER was founded 1961 and is now running 174 factories in seven European countries. Floor coverings, structural timber, and wood derivatives for furniture industry and interior construction are sold in 23 sales offices and an international channel network. 7.200 employees and 2.2 billion EUR annual sales proof the success of EGGER.

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NETAVIS Distribution Germany

NETAVIS hereby announces a shift in NETAVIS Distribution on the German market by March 2014. In the future, NETAVIS Software licenses will be available at our new distributor Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH.

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Dynamic View Control with Picture-in-Picture

The use of dynamic views triggered by iCAT and motion detection events will be significantly simplified by the addition of a new config­uration menu in the upcoming NETAVIS Observer 4.5. This way it is easy and convenient, to customize Live Monitoring to the end customers specific needs.

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NETAVIS Academy Kick off 2014

On Tuesday, Jannuary 28th, the first NETAVIS Basic Training in the New Year took place at NETAVIS training room in Vienna. Five members of five different business partners worked intensively with NETAVIS Observer and expanded and deepened their video management know-how. Special thanks to all our participating partners!


If you are interested in our current training shedules, please contact our academy team.

NETAVIS Observer unbundled


Contrary to other video management platforms on the market, every NETAVIS Observer bundled software package comes with a professional server operating system for free. The current versions of NETAVIS Observer 4.4 and the upcoming NETAVIS Observer 4.5 include CentOS 6.4.

redhatklein  Logo Unbundled 2 

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NETAVIS Observer 4.4.6

The latest release of NETAVIS Observer 4.4.6 is available now! The video management platform with integrated video analytics allows for copying views to all windows of you as well as to all windows of another user now. Furthermore, capabilities in terms of assigning stream parameters to all viewports of a view are improved. 16:9 resolutions are covered and when adding a new camera to a viewport, the optimal video resolution will be selected based on aspect ratio and viewport size of Multi-MJPEG cameras.

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NETAVIS Observer Summit 2013 Review

NETAVIS Observer Summit 2013 was a big success. After welcoming all the national and international guests CEO Wolfgang Baumgartner invited founding member, manager and developer of NETAVIS, József Lázár, up on stage to guide through the last 10 years of the IP-video industry and the history of NETAVIS together.10Jahre-banner 400x100px

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sMart Data Warehouse 3.0 - OUT NOW!

It is our pleasure to announce the latest release of NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse! 

NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse collects and stores data from diverse data sources, including iCAT Video Analytics, and transforms it into key performance indicators. At a glance, each user is provided with user-specifically tailored information for sound decision-making. All data can easily be compared and analyzed for deeper business intelligence. Flexible system operations and diverse customization options make sMart adaptable to various customer needs.

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