• NETAVIS at Intersec Dubai 2017

    From January 22nd to 24th, NETAVIS is going to exhibit again at the Intersec Dubai 2017! Read More
  • NETAVIS sMart Summit

     NETAVIS sMart Summit 2017 - Coming Up! You can find a summary of the last Observer Summit in the news section.   Since the NETAVIS Platform for Security and Business is complete with the new technology sMart Data Warehouse, we are in a position to generate real added value with IP video for our customers. Complimentary to Observer Video Management and iCAT Video Analytics, sMart Data Warehouse contextualizes security and business data to provide specifically tailored information for each user and the tasks at hand. The professional Data Warehouse technology and elaborate interfaces allow also for the integration of third party sensors and other data sources. This year’s special sMart Summit is designed to explore the up selling and cross selling opportunities of this new technology layer with the top thought leaders amongst our partners in Europe and the Middle East. An exclusive event with customer cases, extensive hands on experience and customized afternoon workshop tracks for both, sales oriented as well as technical interested participants, are designed to facilitate growth for your business. If you are interested, please contact sales@netavis.net! Click to find the invitation with additional information regarding the location and hotel booking, and the agenda. For further information please refer to marketing@netavis.net or your partner manager via sales@netavis.net.   Our exclusive evening sponsor:     Hikvision is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. Featuring the industry’s strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop innovative CCTV and video surveillance products. The company’s complete product suite includes Smart IP cameras, HD analog cameras, speed domes, NVRs, DVRs, video management software, access control and alarm systems, encoders, decoders, and other elements of sophisticated security systems and CCTV technology for any security need. Hikvision products serve a diverse set of vertical markets that includes retail, banking and finance, transportation, education, commercial, government, and residential applications.  Find more information about Hikvision on their website or in the company presentation.     Read More
  • Products

      VIDEO MANAGEMENT The flagship product of NETAVIS Software is NETAVIS Observer, the Linux-based software platform for professional video management. It is available now in its 4th release and available in more than 20 languages. Due to its open and flexible architecture it is easy to adapt to customer needs. Compliance with CCTV and IT standards complement the unlimitedly scalable solution. Additionally, optional Observer modules like layout navigation, video wall, mobile clients, ABS bandwidth management, active directory integration and more are offered as well as Observer interfaces like XML and URL interfaces, SNMP support and I/O device administration, among others. Four editions of the software allow for the best choice for each project size without loosing the freedom to grow the system step by step according to the end customers requirements.   VIDEO ANALYTICS Since a few years, the second expertise of NETAVIS Software is video analytics. As optional part of NETAVIS Observer, the inhouse developed, seamlessly integrated NETAVIS iCAT offers a wide range of video analytics modules and features to solve challenging problems like perimeter security, people counting, traffic analytics and more. These functionalities are distributed with every NETAVIS Observer and only need to be activated by the according license key. No extra server. No extra software. No extra license. Third party video analytics application integrations complement the inhouse developments and allow for number plate recognition, face detection and more.   DATA WAREHOUSE The NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse enables the visualisation and contextualisation of security and business data. It transforms mere data into key performance indicators and provides information the way the customer needs it, for example in the form of personal dashboards, periodical reports, or business intelligence analysis tools. sMart Data Warehouse is designed to create specific business value for our end customers. Depending on the customers preferences and requirements, it is available as a service in the cloud or as software for local installation.     Read More
  • sMart Data Warehouse

    NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse contextualizes security and business data to provide user-specifically tailored information for each user and the tasks at hand. The professional Data Warehouse technology and elaborate interfaces facilitate the transformation of mere data into vital key performance indicators. Individually created dashboards provide user specific information at a glance while scheduled and password protected PDF reports deliver the required key performance indicators and charts conveniently into the decision makers' inboxes. For business analysts sMart Data Analytics offers versatile options to analyze and compare all available data in detail. In addition, sMart Data Warehouse serves as information source for big data applications.     COUNTING     AGE GROUP   GENDER   ORIGIN    Deployment Options sMart Data Warehouse is available in two different options: sMart Data Warehouse   is hosted on your organization’s IT infrastructure. Due to incomparable compliance, sMart can run on the hardware of your choice. Upon request, sMart is even hosted on the same server that hosts the video management platform NETAVIS Observer with seamlessly integrated iCAT Video Analytics. This way, confidential data stays under tight control of a company's IT department. sMart Data Warehouse as a Service is hosted in the cloud, whereby the data is regularly uploaded via a secure connection. Therefore, the customer can access the dashboard and the reports as well as carry out specific data analysis at any time and from anywhere, without having to care about the operation or maintenance of suitable server hardware and infrastructure.     Read More
  • iCAT Video Analytics

      NETAVIS iCAT is the video analytics product line of NETAVIS. It summarises powerful own developments of NETAVIS Software and third party algorithms for special applications. The seamlessly integrated package of video analytics is distributed with every NETAVIS Observer.It can be activated anytime by license key. no extra serverno extra softwareno extra license Available with NETAVIS Observer from Basic to Enterprise editions it brings the world of professional video analytics to every video surveillance system ranging from small single-server to complex and large installations. With many optional iCAT Modules NETAVIS iCAT video analytics proves to be flexible and adaptable to customer needs. Here are some examples, how to apply NETAVIS iCAT video analytics modules:                                   PERIMETER SECURITY Perimeter security allows for the definition of restricted areas, where movements result in alarms to notify of a possible breach of security. An alarm can be triggered according to defined criteria. Moreover, it is also possible to define various iCAT definitions and schedule them. For example, it is possible to have different iCAT definitions for weekdays and weekends.     PEOPLE COUNTING Video streams can be analyzed to detect people and count them. This adds business value to existing camera systems by providing additional information which is particularly useful in retail applications.                          NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION   NETAVIS solutions for number plate recognition in free-flow traffic or for slow and stopped vehicles provide automatic detection of license plates of over 60 countries. They can be combined with motion detection as well as integrated with external systems such as barriers or transponder chip solutions. Additionally, the simple NPR list management enables a broad set of applications, thus vehicle access management becomes remarkably easy. The results can also be used for planning and evaluation of marketing activities.       Read More
  • Observer Video Management

    NETAVIS Observer is the open and strong software platform for professional video management. NETAVIS Observer is highly compliant with CCTV- and IT-standards, has the best performance due to Linux-based technology and unrivaled adaptability to customer requirements. Available in its 4th generation, it provides a full set of functions for video surveillance projects. NETAVIS Observer is available in four editions ranging from small single-server installations with professional functionalities to complex and large installations with various integrations and optional server and client modules. NETAVIS iCAT video analytics provides even more value for each and every video surveillance installation. With NETAVIS's optional own and third party iCAT modules perimeter security, people counting, number plate recognition and much more can be realised easily without extra software, extra hardware nor extra deployment.                                                                      Live Monitoring NETAVIS Observer has powerful live monitoring capabilities. These include support for an unlimited number of cameras, many static and dynamic view configurations, versatile Smart Guard round tours, bidirectional audio communication, digital zooming and PTZ control. Event Management NETAVIS Observer includes a versatile event and alarm management system. All events in the system are stored in a database for documentation and subsequent use. Alarm notifications can be propagated via e-mail, SMS, SNAP XML integration and I/O contacts and furthermore a programmable Event Management System is also available. Archive NETAVIS Observer supports permanent, event- and time-based recordings, including multiple different recording schedules for each camera. The archive enables fast search and playback of these recordings, separate motion detection in MJPEG recordings makes it easy to find situation of interest. Archive efficiency and storage management is included as well as the handy export in multiple formats. Rule Administration  NETAVIS Observer enables the simple configuration of a range of actions which are triggered by specific events, for solving many video surveillance and video analytics scenarios. For example the permanent recording of cameras can be started once an alarm system is activated or a barrier can be opened upon the detection of certain number plates. The rule administration is an extensible system which will continue to cover more scenarios in the future.       Read More
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